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Month: August 2017

Academic things, thoughts, reflections

So these posts are going to be about my thoughts on various topics that I am chewing over (not literally)! I work full time as a lecturer and spend my life analysing and theorising Media and Culture! Yes – that includes Facebook, blogs, twitter – and what people do on these!  My research, though, seems to have focused on gender for quite a while so there will probably be quite a few of those on here as...

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Mothering an Autistic/PDA child!

I will probably write about this quite a lot as this takes up a lot of my time!  You wouldn’t know that my son was different as he is extremely articulate and (I don’t like the term – but) high functioning – but I am sure others would see him as just being naughty! So I am on holiday from work today and he has my full attention. His brother is older and fortunately pretty laid back about life….I am sure I will write about some of the funny things that...

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Gendering shoes?

I was surprised when Clarks decided to launch this range of shoes which suggests that only boys like football and only girls are emotional. The name of the boy version of the shoe is Leader – which then suggests that boys are able to be Leaders, but girls are not! The name of the girl version …. Dolly Babe! Who though this was a good...

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Thoughts, recollections, everyday life of Barbara Mitra and family!

I have no fashion sense – or very little! My bright turquoise cardigan clashed so badly with my purple trousers that I had people smiling at me as I made my way to the Post Office. My husband is so much better with colours and fashion than I am!! At least I cheered up the day for anyone who saw me! And to cheer you up here is my colourful cardigan that I wore with bright purple jeans!  ...

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